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What is Modern Aging Singapore?

Modern Aging Singapore is a business accelerator designed to facilitate the creation of new, Singapore based businesses that meet the needs of the elderly. Modern Aging is supported by the Ministry of Health and is the creation of ACCESS Health International and NUS Enterprise.

Modern Aging combines online learning and focused workshops with individual mentoring. An expert faculty drawn from business and thought leaders in the Singapore community will describe the impact of demographic change and highlight business opportunities. Modern Aging will provide instruction on the basics of creating a new business and will help participants create strong business plans. Mentors will work with participants individually to create fundable business proposals. A panel of experts will award funding to those proposals they believe are most likely to succeed.

Modern Aging Singapore will also tap into leading university research and technologies from around the world by bringing these together with innovators and entrepreneurs. This highly focused initiative offers Singapore the opportunity to have a global impact on aging populations. Simultaneously, Modern Aging Singapore will catalyze the development of future Singaporean entrepreneurs in the elder market.

Why Modern Aging Singapore?

In Singapore, twenty percent of residents are expected to be sixty five and older by 2030. The retirement age is likely to increase. The Singapore government plans to build a Smart Nation involving seniors, youth, and businesses. The government has also formed a Ministerial Committee on Aging, involving various ministries. Seniors have specific needs and demands. Seniors have higher spending power. 

There are gaps and opportunities for new businesses to contribute needed products and solutions for seniors. The intent is for these businesses to serve the needs of the elderly in Singpaore, in the region, and globally.

How will these trends affect life in Singapore?

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Who can participate?

We welcome participation from university students, graduate students and post doctoral fellows, researchers, and healthcare professionals from local universities, polytechnics, research centers, and regional health systems. We also encourage participation from entrepreneurs and the business community. Participants can join as individuals or as teams. For example, an engineering student with a business idea may benefit from a partnership  with a designer and a business person. A health professional or health sciences student may need technical and social systems expertise.


Title Time/Date
Walk In 1
Join us talk about aging, the Singapore aging start-up scene, and our accelerator program. You can connect with other people interested in aging and run your own ideas by the community!
8 July 11:30am to 2:00pm
FB Live QnA
We're answering your questions online live! Drop in and out of the chat with your questions about the accelerator program and we'll try to answer them!
12 July 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Walk In 2
Join us talk about aging, the Singapore aging start-up scene, and our accelerator program. You can connect with other people interested in aging and run your own ideas by the community!
14 July 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Aging & Robotics Industry Seminar w/ Cambridge Constultants 19 July 4:30pm to 7:30pm
Accelerator Program Deadline 24 July 11:59pm
Nutrition & Aging Industry Seminar w/ DSM 13 August 8:00am to 2:30pm

2015 Winners

Soundeye SoundEye ARK is a sensor that uses sound to save lives. It is capable of recognizing abnormal sound events such as screaming and crying out loud and also comes with other features such as motion sensor, camera for live video feed and 2-way voice intercom.
Silver Lining Silver Lining is a diaper sensor for bed bound patients. Bedsore and skin infections are prevalent issues within home care and long-term care facilities, with the silver tsunami hitting the shores of our nation. Non-ambulant patients often have multiple comorbidities, such as dementia and other chronic diseases, with a significant proportion bedbound and poorly communicative.
Pillpresso Most of us have a loved one who needs to take medicines for a chronic illness. Pillpresso proposes to address the aforementioned pain points and unmet needs. It is our aim to design and develop a technology which assists and enables the elderly to gain control over their medication, thus improving medication adherence.

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Access Health International

ACCESS Health International is a nonprofit think tank and advisory group dedicated to improving access to high quality, affordable healthcare in low, middle, and high income countries. We advise national and regional governments and the private sector on the design and management of healthcare finance and delivery systems.

Find out more at accessh.org

National University of Singpore

NUS Enterprise provides an enterprise dimension to NUS teaching and research that augments and complements the university’s academic programmes. We nurture entrepreneurial talents with global mindsets, while advancing innovation and entrepreneurship at Asia’s leading university.

Find out more at enterprise.nus.edu.sg

Academic Partners

Duke NUS Medical

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore (Duke-NUS) is a collaboration between Duke University and National University of Singapore. Backed by Duke University Health System’s strong experience and reputation in research, clinical care and education, Duke-NUS has partnered with SingHealth to provide the requisite platform for the full expression of its education and translational research programs to positively impact patient care in Singapore. Besides providing medical education, there are also five world-class Signature Research Programmes, in Cancer & Stem Cell Biology; Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders; Emerging Infectious Diseases; Neuroscience & Behavioural Disorders; and Health Services & Systems Research.

Find out more at duke-nus.edu.sg

Centre for Ageing Research & Education

CARE is an academic research centre based in Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. Our investigators and staff conduct multidisciplinary research in ageing from a comprehensive gerontological perspective, combining biological, social, medical, and environmental perspectives. CARE also spearheads educational programmes to build competencies on ageing amongst researchers, policy and programme professionals.

Find out more at duke-nus.edu.sg/care

National University of Singpore Business School

The National University of Singapore Business School offers the best of global knowledge with deep Asian insights, prepares students to lead Asian businesses to the forefront of the world economy and help global businesses succeed in Asia. The School has consistently received top rankings in the Asia-Pacific region by independent publications and agencies in recognition of the quality of its research and teaching. As an academic partner of Modern Aging Singapore, NUS Business School will provide a comprehensive business curriculum on topics around entrepreneurship, business model building, and funding. The School will also harness resources to mentor and guide participants.

Find out more at bschool.nus.edu

Contact Us

If you require more information on the program please feel free to contact:

Adrienne Mendenhall

Country Manager, ACCESS Health International

Kelvin Tan

Deputy Director, NUS Enterprise

Fredrik Knoeff

Director of Operations and Program Development, ACCESS Health Singapore