Panel on Fintech for Health

On October 29, ACCESS Health and MetLife Foundation launched the Fintech for Health Innovation Platform aimed at promoting cross sectoral innovation that helps people pay for and access the care they need, when they need it. Focused on six markets across Asia, the platform will conduct research on best practices blending finance and healthcare innovations; facilitate connections between organizations that promote innovation in healthcare access and affordability; and test and scale projects that help people pay for and afford the care they need, using digital financial services and a financial inclusion approach.

One of the launch’s morning sessions was a panel discussion between leaders from the health, technology, and finance industries moderated by Sejal Mistry, Director of Research and Development at ACCESS Health. The panelists included Frank Troise, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SoHo Capital; Tony Estrella, Managing Director of Taliossa Investment; and Jeff Chen, Group Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Capital Markets at Fullerton Health. Below is the transcript of their conversation and the Q&A session that followed, both of which offer fresh insight on fintech opportunities in Asia from a diverse range of perspectives.