ACCESS Health International Publishes Guide, Modern Aging, for Elder Care, Express Healthcare

ACCESS Health International announces the publication of Modern Aging: A Practical Guide for Developers, Entrepreneurs, and Startups in the Silver Market. Modern Aging is designed to help people create businesses that serve the needs of the elderly. The book is available on the ACCESS Health website.

Modern Aging contains nine easy to read lessons by Sweden’s leading authorities on elder care and entrepreneurship. The book is based on Modern Aging Sweden, a programme designed to help young entrepreneurs create businesses for elder care. The book reflects the vibrant presentations and question and answer sessions. Topics include the needs of the elderly, accounting for startups, the creation of sustainable businesses, how innovative products enter the market, and how to secure financing, including crowdfunding. 

Many countries are facing major challenges as the populations age,” said William A Haseltine, President, ACCESS Health International, and coeditor of Modern Aging.“People are living longer, creating an increased demand for social and health services. The market for products and services that address the needs of the elderly is one of the fastest growing in the world.”

According to Priya Anant, COO, ACCESS Health International, a young population of Indians with an entrepreneurial spirit is raring to go. “Billions of dollars of funding are being pumped into startups,” she said. “This book is an incredible resource for Indian entrepreneurs and anyone interested in launching a business for the growing market of services and products for the elderly, here or abroad,” explained Anant. 

We hope that these lectures will inspire entrepreneurs in different countries to serve the needs of the elderly and of the chronically ill. The lectures contain valuable information and transferable skills for entrepreneurs, not just those in Sweden or Europe, but for entrepreneurs all over the world,” said Sofia Widén and Stéphanie Treschow, coeditors.