ACCESS Health International and NUS Enterprise Announce Modern Aging Program to Create New Business Ventures to Serve the Needs of the Elderly, APN News

ACCESS Health International and NUS Enterprise today announced the Modern Aging program. Modern Aging seeks to help create new business in Singapore that serve the needs of elders and their caregivers. Partners in Modern Aging include ACCESS Health International, NUS Enterprise, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, and ESSEC Asia Pacific.

Modern Aging will provide a four month training program for entrepreneurs that wish to create new businesses to serve the needs of the elderly. Anyone with a good idea for a business may participate. Modern Aging will provide instruction in the fundamentals of writing a business plan, an overview of the needs of the elder community in Singapore, and examples of successful healthcare businesses. The Modern Aging instructors are successful entrepreneurs, professors of  management and business, and experts on Singapore health and wellness systems.

Modern Aging is designed so that those with full time jobs and students can participate. Modern Aging will offer a blended curriculum, a mixture of online presentations, in person workshops, and one on one mentorship. Participants, either on their own or working in teams, will develop business plans. Each will have an opportunity to present the plan before a panel of successful entrepreneurs and experts in eldercare. The plan judged to be the best will be given a fifty thousand dollar start up award.

ACCESS Health International brings a global perspective to health and wellness, in addition to specific expertise in the needs of the elderly. NUS Enterprise provides access to NUS technologies, intellectual property expertise, and contacts with the Singapore business community. Faculty members of the DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School and ESSEC Asia Pacific will share their knowledge through lectures, workshops, and one on one mentoring. Modern Aging is supported by the Ministry of Health of Singapore as part of its work to promote successful aging.

Modern Aging offers the exciting opportunity to create new businesses in Singapore that meet local and global demands. Businesses that provide practical solutions that meet the needs of the elderly can be successful both in Singapore and internationally. The elder care market is one of the fastest growing sectors in healthcare in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

“Modern Aging can contribute to the growth of new business in Singapore and help the country meet the needs of an aging population worldwide. Businesses that are successful in Singapore may serve the needs of the elderly globally. We are delighted to partner with NUS Enterprise in the creation of this exciting program,” said William A. Haseltine, Chairman and President, ACCESS Health International.

“NUS Enterprise is honored to partner with ACCESS Health International, to support entrepreneurs in developing solutions for the silver sector. Modern Aging brings together academics, industry, healthcare practitioners, researchers, and experts in aging to inspire young entrepreneurs. In addition to benefiting Singapore’s aging community, new businesses that arise form Modern Aging will result in the creation of high value jobs in Singapore and help businesses in Singapore make a global impact. I believe this is the first time that such a program has been launched on this scale,” said Lily Chan, CEO of NUS Enterprise.